Help with my Hammer please!


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Can anyone tell me what maybe happening to my hammer? And is there any treatment for it. It has been doing wonderful until the day before last. I noticed that the middle head was not openning like the rest of the heads. Then today I came home and found this! I have not noticed any slime, brown jelly looking substance or anything.

Water paramaters are as follows:
temp 78
ammo 0
nitrate 0
nitrite 0
po4 0
alk 6.4 dkh 2.40
calc 410
ph 8.2
salinity 1.024
magnesium 1170

Thank you for any help!


Team RC
Sounds like brown jelly disease. I do know it will take down the entire coral if it's not addressed. I'm not an expert in treatment of this so hopefully someone else can give you some advise.

I can tell you that your alkalinity and magnesium are both low. Safe ranges for alk is 7-11 dkh or 2.5-4.0 meq/l. Your mag should be between 1250-1350ppm. Bring the alk up with some baking soda. You can use epsom salt or Kent Tech-M to bring up the mag.

Please use this calculator when dosing these chemicals. ;)
Reef chemicals calculator