Help with my new tank


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Hey guys so I’m new to this I have friends who help me but I’m still not sure I recently bought a 10 gallon bio cube (I think) and it was already cycled it’s been up for about a week and a half it also came with live rock and a Xenia so far the Xenia isn’t happy I have ricordias in there that are happy a high hat a clown an anemone a angel and a banded coral shrimp and emerald crab my water was clear the other day but now it’s murky parameters looked good ammonia was almost zero but I don’t think my filter is running right I think I have the floss and carbon in the wrong spot I have a AI SOL for a light please help on setting up the floss and carbon right the picture of the green water was first day the newest ones are with the angel and high hat I appreciate any help thank you


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I do not own that tank but you do not put filter floss there. I think looking at the picture there is a rack to the left for filter pads.
You want no ammonia at all it burns fishes gills and kills coral. Take a sample of your water to a lfs that test it. Test kits can be off I have seen it allot.

Your salinity is to high.


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I like to shoot for 35 ppt the right side which is about 1.26 on the left.

Typical is 1.24 -1.26.

1.28 is most likely not going to do any damage but it is close to the edge if there is any swing or the way of measuring also can be off a bit.

There are wild reefs with Salinity at 1.28.


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Thank you very much I appreciate the help do you think the Xenia isn’t happy because of the salinity?


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Thank you very much I appreciate the help do you think the Xenia isn’t happy because of the salinity?

Xenia is a very touchy coral it could be anything.
It is one of the corals that either dies away or is a weed and impossible to get rid of.
Might have ammonia and could be the real issue here. Ammonia in a reef should always be zero but it is hard to read over a picture but it looks to me like you do. You should never put fish or coral in a tank with any of it.