Help with new tank size


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I bought a 180g Planet Aquarium and stand a year ago and never set it up. I want to keep some tangs and everyone recommended a 180g or larger. The problem is that I really like my 40 breeder reef tank and want to do it on a bigger scale. I would have a tough time reaching to the bottom of a 180 and I really like viewing the tank from the surface down.

I'd like to get a 72"x24"x20" tank but that's only 150 gallons. While not ideal would I be able to keep tangs in a tank that size? I'd like to have a yellow tang, a purple tang and a yellow eye Kole tang. Maybe some day an Achillies Tang but not mandatory.


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Length of the tank is the key to tang happiness.
Those fish will do fine in a 150, but you may have issues with they Yellow and Purple. Both are Zebrasomas and might not get along.