Help with picking fish and corals


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I am very new to the aquarium addiction and was hoping to get some pointers.

I am setting up a 65 gal Uniquarium corner reef tank. It is 24" deep and 30" high, of course in a pie shape. I have a 250 watt HQI, about a 4 inch sandbed, and about 50-60 lbs of marshall island rock. I am wanting to set it up as a reef tank and probably going to go with something pretty hardy as far as corals and fish go being that this will be my first aquarium.

Any suggestions on what would look good



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I would suggest that you study up for a while as your tank is cycling. Be patient.

And let your mind be your canvas. Just study behavior and compatabillity of the items that you are thinking that you want.

Your at a great place and I suggest that you join the reef club here in Memphis. There is a meeting next Saturday in Colierville, and it would be a great place for you to come and meet some of the members, get some ideas and see a beautiful tank set up.

The thread about the meeting is here on the board, and if you are ready for some corals I have a Kenya tree coral and Root beer Palys that I am giving away to any new members that sign up at the meeting.

These are very hardy and easy to start off with.

Good luck and hope to see you at the meeting.


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I am going to become a member here in the near future. I'd love to come to the meeting, but I am going out of town that weekend. I'll definitely catch the next one