Help with Pyramid Snails


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I've just noticed I have pyramid snails on my maxima. What's the best way to remove them? Should I do a freshwater dip? If so what's the best method? For some reason they don't seem to bother my crocea. I have read that six line wrasses will eat them but mine doesn't seem to be taking care of the problem. Please advise!

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don't do a FWD, this will only stress the clam and do nothing for the problem. the sixline is diurnal and the pyramid is nocturnal so they can't do much more than pic of a few stragglers.

the only way to rid yourself of these pests is manual removal. you need to start removing all the snails and any eggs sacks you see, daily to start, gradually reducing frequency as you see less and less. its best to do this a few hours after lights out, to let these nocturnal pests come out of hiding.

good luck and keep us posted please.


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a good scrubbing with a toothbrush to remove eggs/snails will help! Be gentle around the foot though.


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If you can, a separate QT tank is best, however this is the extreme method.

- QT the clam, scrub the shell, and manually remove the eggs & snails. Eggs hatch about 15 days after being laid, and take 100 to 120 days to reach sexual maturity.
- Run a filter sock that is 25um
- Clean and scrub the QT tank every 3 months to make sure you get them all.

Depends how aggressive you want to get, but good luck with whichever method you choose.


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After just a few nights of brushing the snail off the clam seems to be doing much better. Maybe I caught it early enough before they multiplied to big numbers. Thanks for the advice.