Help with Salifert Calcium kit please?


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I have been wondering for awhile if I am using the Salifert test kit for Calcium correctly. The test kit instructions say to dose solution number 3 to the test vial until the solution turns "clear blue" (swirling the test vial after each drop). On a recent test I got a distinct change to what I would call purple at 350, what I would term purplish blue at about 370, and true blue at 400. The problem with color is that it is so subjective... I am hoping that I am reading it right and calling it 400. Any help?
It sounds like your Ca is at 400. You want to color change to be completed. If you are unsure about the change add 3 more drops of the #3 to the vial and see if it turns more blue, if not then it was your true endpoint.

Hope this Helps :)