help with stock list for my 90


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i have a list in mind and would like to get some opinions.
currently i have shrooms, hammers, anemones.

looking to add 2 ocella clowns
6 chromis
yellow tang
hippo tang
angel not sure which although the majestic is my fav.

any suggestions additions or deletions?

looking for activity colorful and personality.

and i will be upgrading later this year to a 180 possibly 210 or 220 all have the same base dimensions.


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I would hold off with the Majestic and Hippo. Get them when you get the bigger tank. The chromis will most likely kill each other off until you have one or two left.


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I have almost the same exact setup in my 75 except instead of clowns I have a Snowflake eel. And the angel I have is a Juvi Koran. Plus I plan on upgrading this summer to the same thing although I have seen a 240 that is really cool. You should be fine for a while with that selection.


I agree, if your going to be upgrading in a year or so just wait on the larger fish. I would get some smaller fish for now the clowns, a blenny, a goby, maybe a wrasse, or dwarf angel...etc.... Then when you get the larger you tank you will have the smaller fish already, and can add the last few larger, more aggressive fish.


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sounds like good advice. i think i will hold off on the tangs and the majestic until then. what other fish would you all recommend for something visual until the upgrade?


Fairy wrasses, a gold midas blenny, a watchman goby, a pair of clowns, a black cap basslet, a coral beauty, (or flame angel). If you dont want shrimp you could have a hawkfish. There is alot to choose from I would do a little research, and see what you like. Make yourself a wishlist and then make sure they are all compatible with each other, and your set up.

Good luck with your new tank!!!