Help with timing T5 lamp


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I have a t5 lamp with the following t5 bulbs:
3x Giesmann pure actinic
1x Giesmann Power Chrome aquablue+
2x Sylvania coralstar

Its possible to time when the light on 2 and 2 of the bulbs goes on.
Currently i have the following settings:

1: 2x Sylvania Coralstar starts at: 8:30 am and is on for 12h
2: 2x Giesmann pure actinic starts at 1:30 pm and is on for 6h
3: 1x Giesmann power Chrome aquablue and 1xGiesmann pure actinic starts at 3.30 pm and is on for 2 hours
This is just a random setting, since i really dont have a clue.

So whats the optimal settings?

The tank has been up and running for 1 week, have a couple of sps (acropora).

(old tank cracked)


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