Help with unkown algea


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Have this algea growing all over my rock work and not for sure what it is or best way to start getting rid of it. You can see it is a kind of fuzz/hair to it on top of it. Any help would be great


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Typically with any algae you are looking at a nutrient issue. Depending on your bioload and feeding habits I would guess nitrates or phosphates. I've had a lot of luck with a media reactor running a phosphate sponge or gfo (granular ferric oxide). I battled green hair algae on and off for months until I started running gfo and then it disappeared permanently.

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I had the same thing in my tank. Ran Chemipure elite. Didn't do anything for over a week or two, then all of a sudden the algae was gone. Looked like something had vacuumed my rocks. Decided to test things out by removing the Chemipure again. 3 days later, had the stuff on my rocks again.