Help with used equipment prices


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I'm setting up a tank after a 5 year break and I have lost my feel on used equipment prices mainly due to the advancement in technology. I came across the following equipment for $2100.00. What's a good price? Everything is in good condition.

2 x Radion X30 Pro (2nd gen with diffuser)
1x Radion X15 Pro (with diffuser)
Radion Mounting rail.

Apex Classic (PH and temp probes)
2 x EB8 Engergy bar
Apex AFS
Apex ATK
Apex Bob
Apex WX.

2 x MP40 (Driver and wetside QD upgraded)

COR20 return pump

Hanna Checker Alkalinity
Hanna Checker Phosphate

Full Red Sea Coral Pro 175G bucket

3 x BRS 1.1ml dosing pump
1 x BRS 50ml dosing pump

1 x Ecotech battery backup