Help with water parameter


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ok so I tested for the first time in a year my ph, kh/alk, and ca this morning when only the actinics were on. I was just wondering if all my parameters are okay and if not, what do I have to do to get them on par.

Ca = 320ppm a bit low i know
kh = 7.4 to 7.7
alk = 2.53
ph = 8.2
sg = 1.025

75gallons + 40 gallons sump

thank you


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Except for calcium, the numbers are reasonable. I try to keep alkalinity at about 10 dKH or so, to give myself a little leeway for under-dosing, but the dKH mentioned is fine.


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I wouldn't say you 'have' to, but just about everyone on here likes balanced additives. Whether it be kalk or 2-part, the balanced ratios are the way to go when it comes to alk and calcium.