Hemisquilla in Southern California


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Some of you will remember my post a few months back asking everyone in southern California to keep a look out for Hemisquilla showing up in fish markets. This happens every spring when the animals are breeding, are out of their burrows, and get caught in trawls. Last year it was Ranch 99 that had them but I don't know which stores. We have been doing research on this species and need half a dozen or so live and healthy. I have been unable to find any for months. If you see any in the market and can help us out, please let me know. I can provide a FEDEX number, shipping instructions, etc. An we will certainly pay more than the market price for them.

I'm sorry that you can't find any Gono. I have a quick question off the subject. Would it be alright to take a Odonodactylus Scyllarus from the Ocean and put it in my tank? Would it be safe? Is it legal to take creatures from the Ocean? Thanks.
hate that ^

i'm driving out to that store in Rowland Heights tomorrow & i'll try and pick up a few, and i work at a LFS so i can store them in a chilled tank till i ship, however, i've never shipped live animals before, so you'll have to guide me through. also how many were you looking to grab 4-5? or more? also, i can sex stomatopods, so are you looking for males females both?

Good luck Tim on the mantis shrimp purchase. Let us know how it turns out! I am not a mantis keeper, but when I saw the store I posted because I thought you all would be interested. I didn't know anyone was looking for some...
A big thanks to Grampus. He managed to ship to me six male Hemisquilla. Four made it alive and they are still kicking. These guys had a really tough time, but I think they are going to make it. I have them in 18 C chilled tanks and while they still won't eat, they are becoming more active. I do want to warn anyone who tried to keep these animals, they are very sensitive to temperature and salinity changes. They will will go into shock if placed quickly into water just a couple of degrees higher or lower or a couple of ppt off. In this regard, they are probably one of the most sensitive stomatopods I have tried to keep. With slow acclimation, they can handle temperatures at least from 16-19 C and salinities from 32-36 ppt.

We could still use more, so if anyone sees more healthy speciiments showing up at at Ranch 99 - or better yet fresh off a fishing boat, please let me know.

Again, thanks Grampus.

Hi Dr. Roy,

Not sure if this helps now or if your lab needs any... Ranch 99 in Albany, CA has a tankful right now! They're all pretty large, 7-8" and some were in better shape than others. I guess about 1/3rd looked alert and were sitting upright and the rest were on their sides or backs. They were $11.99 per pound! Even dungeness crab was $3.99 in comparison.

I'm tempted to try one but I think my fiance would be mad that I'm eating the O.S.s cousin. :(

-Rogue :)
Many thanks. Yes we need them. Unfortunately, I'm in Brisbane, Australia for the years, but I just called my colleague in Berkeley who is working on them and she is heading out to buy some. Again, I really appreciate the tip - and long memory. They only show up this time of year when the males are out looking for females.