Herbie with functioning Durso "e-drain"?


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somewhat of a long time reefer, (15 years) but I've got kind of a bizarre thought, I've got an old JBJ nanocube 24g. sitting around.

well I always hated AIO's plus it just takes up so much damn room in the tank, So I drilled the back and put an eShopps "Small" overflow box on it.

Welllllll It's got two drains. And I was thinking, why not run a standard herbie but instead of the emergency standpipe i run the second drain as a durso with just a tiny bit of constant flow to regulate the height AND provide some form of backup.

This would allow me to plumb the 24g tank to my sump, throttle the flow down on the full siphon herbie, but also give me the e-drain i need for peace of mind and the consistent height of the durso...

So basically a bean animal without the E-drain.

Thoughts? problems?

I'll admit i did search the forum and didn't really find anything, but I
certainly wasn't too thorough, I can't imagine nobody has done this before me....


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In an emergency the durso will be useless, that is unless you have a slow flow.
Why not a straight Herbie?

Why would it be useless? I was thinking something like 95% of my flow going down the siphon and 5% going down the durso just to quietly regulate my height.

With a straight herbie it just seems like regulating height/flow isn't as easy?

Vinny Kreyling

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Durso's can't handle a lot of flow so the emergency will likely fail, UNLESS the flow is minimal.
Herbies can be problematic & take some time getting used to.
It did take me a while but silent as a tissue now.