Here I go..Again w/150FOWLR


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After a long time away, i've decided to startup a new tank.
The new linup includes
150 w/overflows
55g sump with wet/dry
prizm protien skimmer -came with the tank
misc. heaters etc

I just ordered a typhoonIII

I have already run a new dedicated electrical line for it.

The questions i have (that i cant find an answer for) are:

How much Live rock should i start with? -going to cycle with it

Where is the best place to get good quality rock? (no local shops)

I would also like any advice that you are willing to give on things i may have forgotten or not known at all.

I will add pics as i get it going

thanks in advance
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The rule of thumb is 1-2 pounds of rock per gallon of water. do start with 55 pounds of live rock and add more as you see fit. You may also want to add more or less depending on what you are thinking for an aqua scape. You may also want to search for comments on the prizm protien skimmer, alot of people say that it is not very effective. Have you thought about your lighting yet?
Live rock selection is a matter of personal prefrence, whether or not you like the looks of caribean rocks or fiji ect... drsfoster and smith carry some nice rock but take a look at tamba bay saltwater as well.


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i pound of live rock per gallon of water is a good start, it depends on your personal taste, i have seen this question raised a few times on rc and most aquarists suggest these amounts, because it is only fish you are going to keep you may want less than this to allow more swimming space for your fishes, hard to tell, i think you will have to add some and decide if you like the landscaping really