hermit and lionfish?

jimi thing

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I know that lions eat shrimp but what about hermit crabs?
I'm getting a little hair algae and was thinking about getting a few large hermits, I believe they're called Halloween hermits.
Another question, will the large hermits try going after the lions fins?
The only inhabitants in the tank now is a 6-7" lion and a 2' snowflake eel.
Thanks for any advice you can give.


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The lion will possibly try to eat the hermits when you put them in the tank, especially if you "plop" them in the tank. Lions love movement, and a falling hermit probably will get inhaled.

I doubt the lion would swallow it, though, and would probably spit it out.

Feeding the lion well before--- and during--- placing the crabs will prevent this. Distract him good.