Hermit crab sleeping habits


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Just wondering what the factors are these creatures use to determine their sleeping quarters. Is it determined by flow, low or high? I am :angryfire: because they all are sleeping on top of my brand new acropora. Just the other day they slept in the branches of my psammacora like it was a high rise. They are the red legged crabs but my other crabs seem to follow them too.


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I have 2 blue leg hermit crabs that are constantly climbing around my SPS and than camping out in it for days on end. The strangest thing is I only ever catch two specific hermits hanging out on the SPS, I know its the same two as they are the ones who killed snails for their shells, 1 nassarius and 1 turbo snail were evicted at some point for their larger homes. The one in the turbo shell just got done having a 4 day camping trip in a cluster of Birdsnest branches. I always think they might be stuck in the dense branches so I try to remove them with tongs but they will always just grab onto the branches for dear life and move deeper into the coral. For a while one would only hang out on Montiporas of different varietes but he has since moved on to only birdsnest coral.


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I had a blue knuckle hermit sleep inbetween two branches of the frogspawn. I picked him up.. moved him 5 feet away from it in the 125 gallon.. next morning he returned to the same exact spot in the same exact position.