Hey all. Been a long time. Getting back in and looking for recommendations.


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Not sure how many people from the old days still around. Used to be pretty active here and used to raise seahorses, gobies, dottybacks, some clowns. Had to tear it all down when I had kids, but they're old enough and a separation has now allowed me to do whatever I want..ha.

Haven't even stepped foot in a store forever. Probably gonna start small with some slow moving fish...Mandarins, pipefish, Banggais, maybe seahorse or two.

Looking for suggestions on:

1) Favorite store in the area? Im in north phoenix but willing to travel.
2) Any amazing new lighting or filtration things? I've basically been out of the loop for about 10 years so there has to have been a ton of new fun stuff invented. Looking to do low-maintenance thing so anything like algae scrubbers, etc?
3) People still selling live rock?
4) Anything else you guys think will help.

Thanks! Look forward to being back on here a lot.