Hey Guys I Got my snail eating crab!!


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Thank you all so much for your help. I caught him or her tonight. He was after one of my giant snails (after he killed my little ones I bought giant ones). I knocked him loose from the big snail then he went for a small hermit crab. I got the figgi rock out and put it in cold water--he finally went to the bottom of the rock. I had to pick him out. I put him in my sump to see if it is still alive. I plan on taking a picture of him----will get my daughter to help me send a picture so you guys can tell me exactly what he is. Thank You again!
55 gal. salt water reef
wet dry filter with bio balls
I don't know how big my sump is:wildone:
2 voyager stream pumps
2 clown fish
2 blue with yellow tails damsels
1lawn mower blemmie
3 large turbo snails
3 large:worried::worried:cannot think of the name of it right now but they are snails
4 new sand snails
salt 1.027
ph 8.2
Do I need to write this down each time I post?
ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 10 ppm


You could get a ticket!!
You only need to write it all down if you need help with water, fish, invert issues usually.

Glad you got that nasty crab out! I hate crabs. There's nothing a snail can't do that a crab does and they don't eat your livestock if you get the right snails!


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Can't wait to see a picture. I have a large white tip that killed a bunch of snails and destroyed a coral by stealing the shell the frag came in on. I broke the section off that had the frag on it and he lived through it and still trudges around in the half decimated shell.