Hi end collector acros for sale and lots more...


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Hey Guys,

Got some real nice collector acro frags healed up and ready to go.

Pickup is in Livermore

Sizes: T=<1\2 S=1\2 M=3\4 L=1in XL=1+ or multibranch MC=mini colony C= Colony

TGC Northern Crush: S:$30 to $40 M:$60 to $70 L$100 XL $150

RRA Bees Knees: S:$20 M:$40 to $50 L:$70 XL:$100 MC: $150

RMF Red Ghecko: S: $30 L:$100 XL:$125 to $150

RR Pink Cadillac: S: $30 M:$40 to $60 L: cut to order $80

RR Obelisk: S: $30 M:$60 L:$80 XL: $100

Walt Disney T: $25 to $30 S:$40 M: $50 to $60

RR Orange Passion: T: $25 S: $40 XL: $100 PENDING

SC Orange Passion: S:$50 SOLD

Greg Carols Ultimate Blue Stag: L: fully encrusted $70 SOLD

RR Prometheus: L: fully encrusted $70

RRA Lady in Pink: S: $50 SOLD M: $80 PENDING

RR Pretty in pink: S: $100 Pending

UC turquoise Tort: XL: $70

Dog boy daves purple rim tabler: XL $50

TFP Chopped liver rainbow tabler: S: $50 M: $70 XL: $100

Oregon Tort: S: $30 L: $60 XL: 70 MC: $100

Wild SSC: S: $30 L: $50

Waynes Reef rainbow stag: S: 20 M: $25 XL $50

Snipers blue Somthing or another: S: $10 50 $15 L: $40 to $50 XL: $50 MC: $80

RMF Acid trip milli: S: $50 PENDING

ASD Rainbow spathulata: L: fully encrusted $60 XL: fully encrusted $70

ASD Red Fandango M: fully encrusted $60

ORA Pearlberry M: $10 to $15 MC: $70 C: $100

ASD Rainbow phoenix monti: S: $20 M: $40 L: $60

Blue turaki: L: $70

Home wrecker T: accidental frag $50

Sunset milli L: $60 PENDING

I have tons more frags available. SPS, LPS, Softies, mushrooms and zoas I have it all. I have over 1000 frags in my tank systems ready to go.

Holiday Sale: All December ($5 through $20 racks Only) Buy 3 get one free!!

I have Hundreds of frags on my each of my cheaper $5, $10, $15 and $20 frag racks right now, great way to get a nice selection on the cheap to grow out or want to test out SPS or different types of pieces without worrying about losing too much cash.

My selection is better than ever. You wont be dissapointed.

Sorry I cannot get pictures of my pieces up on the post at this time. I was laid off last week and lost my PC and phone with all my pictures and setup to post.

PM me if interested in anything or want a pic of any specific pieces and I can text them to you.

Thanks for looking.


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Home Wrecker
Sexy orange passion
RR pretty in pink
RMF acid trip
SUnset milli
All sold out for now.

lots of other new pieces added to my racks.