Hi-Fin Red Banded Goby

I just traded some nasty Peppermint shrimp at my LFS for one of these little guys...I just couldn't resist as he is so cute and funny to watch. That being said, he doesn't seem to swim around a lot...mainly about 3" from his hiding place under my LT Leathers rock is as far as he vetures out and he's usually just chillin' on the sand bed. My question is do they ever swim up into the water column or are the actions of my little guy pretty much the norm for this species? He does eat like a champ when I feed the fish...it's so funny as he always seems to grab a huge piece of food (huge compared to him) and stuff it down and is there for a few second before he can actually fit it in and swallow eat...too funny!


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They're one of my favorites, but you'll mostly see them when chow's on. They have the habit of 'stacking' mysis shrimp in their mouths so they can get several at once: you can see the little black mysis eyeballs all in a row at the side of their mouths.

They partner with the candycane pistol shrimp and like to dig under rocks: the shrimp is the digger, and it serves as 'gatekeeper' for the highfin eggs and fry, opening and closing the burrow according to need. Do guard the intake to your downflow box: I had to fish one of mine out of the sump.
No worries there as I don't have a sump and there for no downflow box. I'll have to try the mysis and see if mine will do the same as yours Sk8r...they are truly comical when eating :).