Hidden octopus


A friend recently cycled his tank with farmed live rock from Florida. While feeding frozen food today an octopus crawled out and grabbed a hermit. The octopus is two inches head to toe and about the diameter of your pinky. It is tan/flesh colored. Any idea what it is and how big it gets? The best clue is that it came from Florida live rock. He wants to put it in my sump. Can it slime its way up 5 inches of glass and escape?

Hmmm is it a small tan octopus with white speckels?
If so O.mercatoris maybe or a baby of something else.
Its amazing that a baby was found in live rock. Out of water any more than a few seconds and they come running out of the rock. I have seen other posts where peole have claimed to have had it happen so maybe there is a new live rock species? Get some pics,post them, lets take a look.:)


I will have to work hard on the pics. I havent seen this critter yet myself. My friend only saw it 30 minutes ago and called me excitedly. My digital camera does not have a flash. Maybe his does. I appreciate the info.
If you can get it into your sump, use nylon to cover the in/out flows. This will result in some detritus build up, so you'll have to clean the nylon regularly, and you have to secure it very, very well.