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I have my RODI water in a container about 12 feet below my tank and have been using a Bulk Reef Supply 50ml per min dosing pump (rated for 20' head pressure) on a water level sensor to auto top off the tank. The system works great but I have replaced the pump 5 times now as the gears keep stripping out. I am following their recommendations on being on a timer to limit run time. Any recommendations based on experience for a pump that will last longer? Thanks!!


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Have you looked at Spectrapure Litermeter pumps, cost more but very dependable. They have a water exchange pump that should work for you.

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I'm pretty sure the new pmup for the Neptune ATK is rated for up to 14 feet.
I have not used it that high but I do pump mine about 10 feet over from another room.

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My litermeter is 2 years old now on the original tubing pumping from the basement. Great quiet pump

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look on ebay for one of these. you can sometimes snag one for cheap, tho pay attention to tubing size depending on which head it has. some take a range of tubing sizes, others take a fixed size which may be a pita to hook to 1/4 poly. there is a masterflex calcium reactor thread that prolly has alot of good info.

i ran this one with kalk from the basement to upstairs tank for years no prob. moved and no basement anymore, otherwise i'd still be using.


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