High Nitrite Level


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Hello, what is the best way to lower my nitrite level(Hanna Checker at "2"? Calcium is good. Salinity good. Temp good. Water changes are weekly with my at home RO system. Light coat of green algae trying to cover sand and rocks for the past month. Vibrant not effective. Two fish have died and another not eating now and have lost a healthy hammer coral during this period.

Thinking maybe dying coral the culprit which have been removed although the coral may have been the "canary in the coal mine". Tank age is 2 years. Please advise and thank you.


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Do you mean nitrate level? You should of went thru nitrite during cycling of tank when setup. If this is a nitrate level your good under 10 for most corals. What are your phosphate levels. High number here will kill off corals. Fish usually are not affected by high nitrate levels. If it is a nutrient level something is causing your tank to recycle.