higher Mg and lobophora variagata?


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I've been dealing with lobophora for a while now. Heard that emerald crabs and long-spine urchins could be hit or miss (mine were miss), and I don't have the room for a Naso tang.

I've been reading around about how elevating Mg levels by using Tech M combats bryopsis, but could it work for lobophora? It's not to the point where everything is covered with it, but I'd still prefer not having it.




Reef Monkey
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Given that no one really knows what it is in the Tech M that actually inhibits the briopsis growth (it's pretty well assumed it's not the magnesium, but some impurtiy), I doubt anyone could reliably answer your question. You could certainly give it a try and post your results. I don't believe there are any significant hazards to raising your magnesium levels to the prescribed amount (1500ppm if I remember correctly).