Highest experienced non-lethal temperature


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Just ran into a faulty heater problem two days ago. Luckily, this was on a quarantine system that has little more than a few mushrooms, although it does have a newly purchased Blue-spotted Toby.

I walk in, stick my finger in the water casually, and notice that it's warm. Really warm. Warmer than anything I've felt in one of my tanks before.

So I get my little digital thermometer in there and lo-and-behold, it's about 93 degrees. All the mushrooms were fine, the Toby was fine, and the Turbo snail was still happily munching on hair algae.

Have you guys experienced anything similar, with no ill-effect to your aquatic denizens? :artist: I just want to see what other people have gone through.


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Similar...heater was working fine. PoS digital thermometer was bad. I turned the heater dial up slowly over a couple days until it held steady at 78.

Then the next day when I stuck my hand in the water...it was like a hot tub...seriously.

I luckily had just gotten my Reefkeeper2, it arrived UPS that very day. Plugged it in put in the temp probe and it was reading 92 F.

At the time I didn't have much in the tank, GSP, softies, mushrooms, and a clown, but it all seemed to survive.

Never trust a coralife thermometer. Ever.


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88-89f did not loose any corals and fish, iam a swinger, a temp swinger that is, jeje


That's too funny, Sana. :spin3:

Yeah, Magnolia, it was an older Visitherm. I think it's interesting to test limits and boundaries, but I'd rather not play with fire (electricity). Would have been interesting to see the effects of 100 degree water. I'm sure oxygen levels would be intolerable, amongst other things.