Hihg salinity(sp) dip


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Any other ideas of how to drive mantis out of live rock? I will be getting 250lbs of uncured rock and want to remove any mantis shrimp.

What salinity water should I try ?? 1.035??

Any found mantis will be offered up at the price of shipping. I hate them but know that they are loved by others.

You will lose pods and some other life, but a tap water dip drives any mantis out of a rock. A solution is to dump the water back into your tank, so some of the pods will still make it. Laying out your rock, if you have the room, any just watching it, look at each piece and then add it to your tank. Very time consuming, I know, but just suggestions. In my experience high specific gravity dips don't allows bother mantis enough to jump out.
in my experience...high salinity dips don't work...
i tried to flush a mantis out of a small rock the size of my fist..
and it didn't work.. i even tried a fresh water dip and it took
nearly 5 minutes before i saw the mantis peeking his head
out of the rock.. and another minute before he came out..