Hippo tang with crater like discoloration on face


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I have a hippo tang thats been with me for over 2 years. It has developed a sort of a pigment loss like crater on one side of its face within the last year.Thinking its beginning of HLLE I beefed up its diet with selcon and vitachem added to the food since then. the tank gets a full sheet off seaweed and new life spectrum pellets everyday followed by every other day of Spirulina Flakes and mysis.
his condition has not improved and am thinking that it might be something else going on? All the other fish in the tank are fine and have no symptoms and everyone goes through a full QT before being added to tank. nothing new has been added to the tank in over a year. No Carbon since last year.
what you guys think? Could be hexamita?

Here are some pics:



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Hexamita is an intestinal parasite - so you should see stringy white poop and eventually emaciation if he has that.

Have you checked for stray voltage in the tank? Just one more possible cause of HLLE.

Hippos seem very susceptible to HLLE for some reason, and unfortunately are probably the most difficult fish to reverse the condition in.


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If you find the source it may stop the issue, but only proper diet and vitamins will reverse the effects, if it all


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thanks guys for the response. Humblefish, I have not tested the tank for stray voltage, I'm gonna try that but I would imagine other fish in the tank would have symptoms as well?
He gets a varied diet soaked with vitamins (vitachem and selcon) so I dont know what else to feed. Honestly I think it could be due to carbon use in the past. I used to use it 24/7 till a year ago and have since stopped.