Hitchhiker ID


I’ve had this piece of LR in the tank for about two years now and I've always had florescent lighting. Starting this year, I decided that I wanted to try some corals so the first think I did was replace my lights with PC’s. There was a lot of aesthetic criteria I had to meet which is why I chose the Current Orbit lights. I hung them up at the beginning of March and by the end of the month, this polyp thing appeared. It’s about the size of a finger tip now. I’ve looked around for what it might be and found a few pictures but I don’t know. On Extreme Corals web page they have something that looks like it and they call it Sunrise Montipora. I found two things on Melevs web page under the SPS section and to me it looks like it might be Porites or Montipora Digitata. I question these identifications because I’m under the impression that I shouldn’t be able to have anything like this with my light situation. Any help would be appreciated.

Close up


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It's pretty small so it's hard to tell. Could be a number of different things-- even a sponge or tunicate. Lot's of things can pop up when you change your lighting, so keep it where it was when it appeared and see what it turns into. Could end up being something cool.