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I have a DT, 90 gal, that I am using for breeding. It doesn't have to look pretty. I was thinking of using an HOB filter, but decided not to, so that I wouldn't have a flood risk.

I think I found a way to use an HOB with zero flood risk. I'd like to do away with the sump and use a HOB hanging on an acrylic bar going across the top of the tank, with the pumps, etc. all inside and under water in the DT. Is this doable?

As for specifics, I was thinking of using a Reef Octopus Classic BH-2000 Hang-on Protein Skimmer for a moderately stocked tank. Would this be a good size? Are the HOBs as good as the in sumps? I'm happy with the in-sump I have now, BTW.



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most hob skimmer dont post a risk of flooding. the one i like is aquamaxx 1.5. no chance it can over spill even if collection cup is full.