HOB refugium


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It would help...but being suffeciant depends on how much live rock you have in the display and how mature the tank is....there is a lot of factors besides having a fuge for pods in keeping a manderin....don't get me wrong its a step in the rite direction but you really need a mature tank of at least 1yr I would say.....also depends on what other animals you got that will deplete the population....


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Rather than build an HOB fuge, why not use an overflow box and do a proper, plumbed fuge under the tank that will be big enough to add a bunch of LR etc.


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Thanks for the feed back. I have somwheree around 70# LR. 30 of that came from a well established system, very porous and beautiful coralline. I don't have room under my tank for a fuge. Think I'll build on and run it for a few months to let the population buld up.