Hofer standpipe question...


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I just stumbled across a reference to the Hofer Standpipe (or Gurgle Buster) and have a question. I have a 24" deep tank with just a single overflow that is quite loud. I assume that I should use a fairly long standpipe base below the actual Hofer assembly to reduce the distance that the water will fall into the overflow? I'm guessing that I'm going to want something like 16 to 18" of stand pipe beneath the Hofer which should have my water level in the overflow box at about a 18 to 20" giving me a water fall distance of only 4 to 6"?

I guess the one other piece I am unclear about is the pipe that you drill the large drain holes in. Is this pipe the same pipe that will be plugged into the bottom of your overflow drain hole, or is that another piece of pipe that connects from the bottom of the Hofer to the actual drain?

Thanks in advance.

By the way... My current standpipe is just a simple piece of PVC with several holes drilled in it with a cap on the end. My overflow box is too small to fit a Durso, so I think this Hofer Standpipe is my best option.


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The Hofer standpipe is the same concept as the durso I doubt it will reduce your noise to a quite level, depending on its source. Is the noise coming from the overflow fall or from the pipe.

For a test just replace it with a 22" pipe see if that is somewhat feasible the hofer will be much better but may still gurgle depending on your flow rate/plumbing after bulkheads.

Any way you could run a herbie?


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No chance at all. The tank only has a single drilled hole in the overflow and even if I wanted to break down the tank (totally not happening) I would have to completely rebuild the overflow because there isn't even room for a Durso standpipe in there. This is primarily the reason that I'm interested in the Hofer. I'm cramped on room and this looks to be a good solution.

The bulk of my noise is coming from the foot or so waterfall into the overflow box I think. This is why I'm wondering about running the Hofer on a taller pipe to raise the level in the overflow.