home made sump/fuge


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this one's a doozy folks...

why do people put sand in their sumps and refugiums? most sandbeds dont seem deep enough to be dsb's--i can see shallow sand in the display for aesthetics, but in the sump?

i am planning my sump tonight, for hopefull cutting/silicone tomorrow.

my thought is a 4"x4" box with some rubble to 'catch' the overflow from the display, the water will over flow that into the skimmer box (which will be L shaped since we have ~6"x4" not used by the 'catch' box, then a bubble trap, then the last section will be just wide enough for a mag 5 sideways.

(10 gallon tank)





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most sand beds that i've seen in the fuge are 4"+. I haven't seen any in the sump, though. This is mainly b/c sumps usually get 2-3 times more flow than a fuge... So, in your situation, here's what I'd probably do... If you have room, I'd either add a second 10g tank as a fuge, or buy a couple of aquaclear 70's (or larger) and mod them to become hotb fuges.