Hong Kong fish market - Wow


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I travel to China 4 x per year and I finally was able to visit the fish market in HK. I must say that I was flabergasted by what I saw. I expected that prices would be low but on average they were 10% and less what I typically see in US. There was a bin sitting on the floor with Regal and gold flake angels for $12 each. I saw tanks full of purple tangs, giant 12" long angels. The larger fish were pricey, about $200 but most normal sizes were in the $10-20 range.

I would like to find a way to get some of these back to US.

Does anyone know if you can DHL a shipment back to US or do you need some sort of import license? I dont believe a checked package would survive unless there is a environmentally controlled storeage.

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You need permits to import wildlife, and it need to go through customs. There is a reason that the $10 fish costs you $75 in the states.