Hope it's not ich- Clown with bumps.


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I have a pair of clowns- they have been in the tank 2 monts or so, been happy as clams. Everything seems great- temp is a little low now (77), so I guess it is time to start up the heater.

We added a new coral- an Elegance coral today. That is the only new thing in 2 months.

Noticed bumps on the sides of the smaller (male?) of our two false percs.. and a lesion behind an eye.

The bumps have small discolorations associated with them. They are even with the SECOND fin along the back of the perc. Took pictures (see below) and we see a couple of white spots, so we immediately think the ICH. When viewed tail on, from behind, there are definite bumps associated with this area.

BUT no other fish show anything. (2nd perc, six-line and purple firefish). Fish is as active as ever, and eats well. Tank is very healthy, and nothing new in a long time. Every 2-3 days, I dose some selcon, and I mix up the food a lot. So I do not know. What do you think?

Also, look just above and behind the eye, in the white strips- that is a line- like a lesion- that goes from the front to the back of the stripe right there...




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It's not a good thing. If this doesn't clear up fast, as maybe the clowns getting into something that stung, it could be brooklynosis. Treatable, but not to mess around with. Start scouring up the makings of a quarantine now, and read up on it and see if the photos on the articles match what you're seeing.


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I looked that up, and that does not seem likely- it is predominate in WC fish, and these are definitely tank raised.

But I did stumble into Lymphocystis- this sounds like a possible contender...

Lymphocystis usually does nothing more than cause the ugly cauliflower growths. The fish is happy and usually there is no change in behavior or appetite...