How about those BILLS!


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Yes, yes it was. If anyone is local the mighty taco is giving away free Bill-retos on Monday across from the galleria mall where there will be a Egde radio station party type thing.



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don't you think there's something wrong when people get this excited over a 3 game streak? Just sayin'


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Bills!!! yeah my electric bills have been crazy this summer..Good thing it is Autumn now for the sake of my electric Bills ....But even better it is Sabre time !!!Sorry for the hyjack...but not really :)



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how long can both of buffalos pro teams stay at this rate!? This is some unfamiliar territory to us Bills fans, so let us get excited for being 3-0..hasn't happened in awhile!


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the defense had 4 interceptons against did they not play great!

Allowing 30+ points in the last two games isn't really playing great. Its going to require alot from the offense if they keep allowing that many points. Plus allowing Welker 200+ yards isn't very good. They saw the films from the first two games, they had to know Brady goes to Welker quite often. They just couldn't stop him. Having McGee hurt doesn't help the D, that's for sure.

On to the Bengals!! Should be a good game and another win!!


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I like these guys. No big names or hype they just keep playing.. Sure they gave up 31 points but that was to the Partiots and they had 4 interceptions . Before the game Brady averaged one pick per 500 pass attempts. Run defense has been stout stout hey held Oakland's McFadden in check last week, He put up 171 rushing yards on the Jets highly rated defense yesterday as Oakland beat the J E T S 34 to 24.

The crowd at the game was electric. Noise levels were like they usd to be in the winning years. My grandson and I had a great time.


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Was at the Kansas City game and that was amazing too. Heard the fans didn't want to leave. :)
I agree TMZ. It's nice to see us power ranked at 31 and move up without proven all stars. Looking forward to seeing that energy with us on the road.