How and what do you feed your SPS?


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I started using biopellets recently and i want to start feeding my sps since my No3 and Po4 are dropping significantly.

So how do you do it? You turn off all your powerheads? Is marine snow not enough? ETC ETC you get the point :beer:


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I recently started culturing rotifers and feeding them, in addition I feed 5 star reef bar (similar idea to Rod's food) which has a lot of small particles. I have noticed some milli's really starting to put on growth since starting the rotifers, but I cannot say whether that is coincidental or a result of the feeding. I generally turn off the return pump and skimmer when feeding.


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Frozen food mix includes several fish and coral foods, AAs, Liquid Life Coral Plankton and Reef Roids. Whwn I was doing vodka I could not feed enough, I stopped and am seeing improvement in my sps. Oh and I feed directly to the tank.