How bad is caulerpa going sexual?


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New to all this macro stuff. I am very good at growing green hair algae though! :D

I have a small amount (I think Caulerpa paspaloides) in my display tank that I like the look of and no one eats it.

If it goes sexual will the skimmer/UV be able to take care of it or will I have a major disaster that takes lots of work to clean up? Tank is 125G with a 36 watt UV and a Natilus TE skimmer. The Caulerpa is about 4" tall.

It's generally only a problem when it's a large quantity and in tanks with poor circulation. I like to run with a mix of macro's to avoid having a large quantity of any one type to go sexual. I also find it happens most often from some disruption, such as large water changes or temp flucuations. Also recent imports seem more likely to go sexual than established colonies.