How come?


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Hey everyone,
So i was sitting here thinking about a good Qt size for the future(hoping to upgrade whole system this summer) and i was wondering why can we QT fish in tanks that are to small for them to live in?...Should a QT tank be 100 gallons minimum so the fish don't feel cramped? After all you don't want the fish to be stressed in a small tank even more than what they already are after a move....did i miss something or should a Qt tank be as big as possible? or does it not matter? i know 5 gallons is too small but i as wondering about Qting a tang or angel in a 20-30g tank when they need a 100g minimum.



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depends on the size of the fish. If say a large tang, then yes they would need a bigger QT tank than a 20-30g.


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+1 on fish size

A tang may require a 100g tank, but if you get it as a juv, the 20-30 QT will be fine.