how do I buff acrylic?


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guys I need some help buffing an acrylic tank I got gave to me for free. it's a clarity plus 150.

what kind of tools do i need for this job?

what is the best stuff to do this with?

as I stated before the tank was free so I may as well try to buff the scratches out of it and if that does not work I may just get rid of it.

what are the steps in doing this? I have never fooled with acrylic and no nothing about it and there is no one around here that can do it that I am aware of.

thanks in advance for the tips and tricks.



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If it does not come clear dont trash use it as a sump, fuge, or cut down and make it a rimless frag tank.


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the wierd thing about this tank is that it has a sea clear wetdry system built into the tank.

so i may see how well it cleans up and then use it as a frag tank.

what would i use to just clean it up and see what it looks like? will a vinegar bath do the trick?