how do i encourage an rbta to move?


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it sat in a perfect spot for a few months, then i guess got bored and started roaming the tank. every new spot it's chosen has been too close to something else.

is there a way to detach it from the rock without ripping its foot, or at least encourage it to move on its own?


You could get a ticket!!
sure. Change the flow of the tank. if you can change up the lighting. This is exactly why I decided not to get a nem.


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you can put an icecube on the base of its foot and it will start to peel of than you slowly and carefull pick it up and move it. using a credit card or your nail and you can also peel it off


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I ripped my bulb out and caged it in with bits and piece of rocks i had laying around til it stick to a rock then it pretty much stay puts.


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Use the PH directly on it, changing the lighting will get to move but not let go and who knows where it would go. The PH will get it to let go completley on its own so no risk of tearing the foot.