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You need to assign master and slave with the wireless function and run them on short pulse anti synch..

Here's the manual page for all the products choose whatever models you have and it will guide you through the process. It's also all over youtube and the Internet in general in videos and tutorials fwiw..


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It helps to put your actual question in the title. Some people will ignore certain threads.

When you go through the manual you set your MP's for master and slave. Like he said set the other one to slave and to do anti synch.

Tell your master to do a short wave. If you are using a computer to control it the start at a low number like 30 and work down a number at a time. Let it sit for at least 20 seconds to determine if it is in line and starting a wave.

Sometimes you can see the water start to wave but then anti-cycle/cancel it's self out. Adjust your number a bit. Biggest thing is it to let it sit to see if it starts to resonate.

Be careful. You can make an amplified wave by adjusting the number too quick or a large gap. It could synch in and actually boost a wave up and over the tank side.