how do pods get in tank


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I dunno if this is a dumb one or not but here we go.... ok im looking to get a 30 gal tank to build a sump/fuge, after that is done and established, add live rock, sand, cheato ect (not in that order) anyways the question is how do the pods get from the refuge/sump to the main tank if all the water coming from the fuge is coming through a pump? do they survive the pump or do you shake the cheato in the tank a little bit to get them off it?


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I believe it is primarily the offspring that travel up through the pump into the main tank but I'm sure the occasional pod gets sucked up there too.

I believe they are small enough to go through unaffected for the most part, sure some may die but the majority get through.

Though I may be wrong on all accounts. :D

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Not dumb, is good to ask, that's what RC is all about!

I regularly see pods being blown into my tank from my sump/fuge. They seem to be fine going through my return pump... and it's runnning at 9000L.

I think the main idea of your sump/fuge is to have an ongoing population of mature pods breeding away like mad and when they have babies the little pods get swept up into your display tank. I have a red manderin that is a little fatty as a result!


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You could:

A.) Place the fuge higher than the display tank and allow an overflow to siphon into the main tank. No spinny impellers that way.

B.) Become comfortable with the fact that most of the pods will not be buzzed into small pieces. They'll still be food, after all, just smaller.


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Nikski most people that use a refuge for supplying there tank with pods,have the refuge gravity drain back into the main display.Basically put the refuge above the main display.Not right above it of course,just higher so it can drain by gravity.If thats not possible then you'll have to use a pump.Like stated some pods may make it and some wont.If you use the refuge under the tank or the like,you could always just grab a ball of chaeto out and shake it in the main display to release the pods and what not.

Also I didnt get what you ment by establishing the refuge and then adding sand,rock and chaeto.Setting up the refuge is pretty much like doing a water change when you bring the refuge online.There is no reason why you cant add the sand and chaeto at that time.Just try not to add a lot of liverock at once,as most liverock does need to cycle a little.


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Thank you all very much..... we will see how my project turns out, first i have to find a tank to fit under my 75 and in the stand..... most likely id get a 30 gallon im thinking and build it like in the thread on how to build a fuge (that was great) then i was going to get the right pumps, plumbing, add the salt water, sand, live rock, cheato, ect to get it going to get my pod supply up and phosphates down... :)


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If you use good LR and maybe LS they will ride along as guests. True, many die during the curing cycle but a few hardy soles will survive. After ammonia levels drop a cup or two of sand from an established tank will also help.