How do you catch a shrimp


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Ok so i have been watching my peppermint shrimp and he is definately picking at my clam. My clam is missing parts of his mantle and I have seen him pick at everything in the tank. I dont know how to catch him though... I dont have any traps or anything so how can i get him out?


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Some folks have had luck with the soda bottle trap.

Take a soda bottle cut the top 1/3 of it off and invert it back in the bottom, throw some food in the bottle and put it in the tank. The pep 'should' go in after the food. Then you can yank it out.


Good luck



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I had three in my tank that killed a hammer coral.I know people think they are reef safe but i dont and i think they are more of hit or miss.You may get one that doesnt eat corals but if you put them in your tank to eat aiptasia(which i did) what makes you think they will not go after other corals and such.I also know people make comments about camel shrimp being sold as peppermint shrimp but i had peppermint shrimp and i witnessed them attacking a few lps and killing a hammer coral.I was not williing to play the waiting game so i basically moved rock until i found them and removed them.I will admit they got rid of the apitasia which was worth it in the end but i would not put another in my reef tank-Kieth