How do you ensure your anemone doesn't move?


New member an undesired spot.

Just watch this video on ELOS 160 tank (60"+) and this guy has I'm assuming a Gigantea anemone, pretty big too sat close to the intakes grills....and I'm just curious how these guys or you guys stop/prevent your anemone from moving to a spot which is undesirable.

For the ELOS tanks, there are grills all down the side of the Overflow box which is to the right.

It would be so easy for that Gigantea to just 'step' a few inches to the right and it would block all 3-4 grills....


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Nothing you can do to keep them from moving but once they find a spot they like carpets aren't going to move much. Bubble tips seem to be the type that moves the most.

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In my experience, giganteas don't move much if you put them in the right place. Same goes for crispas.
With BTA it may depend on whether they form clones or only reproduce sexually. My assumption would be that clones tend to be more prone to go on a walk.
But generally, an anemone moves around because it doesn't like the conditions in the place it is. Most common reasons are light, flow and no suitable opening to put their foot.

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Nothing that can be done to stop them really. If they get the urge to start moving, they're going to take off.


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I don't know of any way to keep one from moving, if it decides to do so. Sometimes you get lucky... I put my rainbow BTA where I wanted it 6 months ago, hasn't budged an inch. Plenty of light, space to hide out of the light when he retracts, lots of indirect flow... We'll see, long term, but so far so good.

Once had a green haddoni, never moved much, but then he was over 2' wide, and in a 36x48" tank. Didn't have much room to move :)


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Really depends on the type of anemone, give a mag a nice high up perch w/ good light and flow in stable params and it will usually stay put.
I agree BTA's seem to be problematic in this area especially, and I've seen or read on many that have stayed put a year or more and then just up and move for reasons unknown.