How do you get your glass cut?


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I need baffles cut for the sump I'll be building out of a 20g tank, so is this something I do myself or do you guys go elsewhere to get your glass cut?


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I got my baffles custom cut at a glass shop - (3) 9x11.75, 1/4" pieces for $25. I just walked in and gave the measurements and came back a couple hours later.



I cut my own set of baffles the first time....not too hard, just took some time.

I had my next set cut at a local glass shop for around .50 a cut and they even taught me a few things while I watched them cut it. Took maybe 15 minutes another 20 minutes of me asking questions.:D


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you can buy a glass cutting tool for like 3 dollars i have used it on 1/8 inch glass and its pretty easy you just score the glass put a pencil under the score and press on the side you dont want it snaps right off. dotn know if i would use it on 1/4'' glass but it may be worth a shot if you need lots of cuts. Or if you have the option go to a glass cutting shop. you give them the dimentions they cut it exact and charge you for exactly for how much you got. IE if it cost $1 a sq ft and you get .5sqft then you pay 50cents. good luck


if your near a lowes go there. they will cut glass to size for free. if they have "scrap" pieces that are big enough for your baffles they will sell them real cheap. i just had a 10 x 12 piece cut and it was $3.


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I got all my glass for my external overflow and baffles cut at a local glass shop. Even sanded and polished the edges all for 10 bucks.


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I learned my lesson with the first baffle I ever made. Don't use 1/8" window glass. The first time you bang into it with a piece of rock, or move your pump, etc. it will shatter. Pay a few more bucks and have 1/4" glass cut at a glass shop.