How do you have your saltwater mix tank setup? (Aeration?)


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Ok - obviously - aeration is a yes.

Interested to hear how you've got your mix tank set up.

I assume most folks run powerheads rather than air pumps, but do you then run a tube down to the powerhead so that it blows bubbles?

As a test, I setup a 29g as a mix tank with a powerhead and a heater and an aquaclear powerhead (with the aeration tubing). I realized that if the tank is of any size (I'm planning a 75 - 100g mix tank) then you're going to have to have top-off as well, which is no big deal.

Which powerheads are folks using? Is it necessary to run one with bubbles (unfortunately, it is louder)?

Any other mix tank tips and tricks?

Thanks in advance for any info.



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I do not have any airtubes pushing air into my tank for aeration. I've got powerheads that disturb the surface, but no direct air being blown into the tank (mixed reef).


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Here is a photo of my mixing station in the basement. The top barrel is just pure RO water. The bottom barrel is for saltwater mixing. In there I have a heater and two large powerheads. I can do 33g at a time. There is also a small pump hooked up outside that will pump either RO or saltwater over to the sump in the next room for topoffs/water changes. You can see in the picture that there is vigorous penetration on the top of the water, so no need for an aerator.



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Be very careful about inadequate air.

I had one very bad experience in a FO tank.

I suggest that you use an air pump placed outside the area and a long air hose.


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I just fill a 32g trash can w/RO/Di, mag9+10 feet of hose, add salt, let mix a few hours and bam--you have SW. No aeration is needed.


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Dont hook up the venturi to a powerhead. As the bubbles break on the surface you will have salt creep problems. Just keeping the water moving is sufficient to prevent stagnation.


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This will be a big mix tank because it will be the source water for continuous litermeter 3 water changes. It will be running for about a month (or more) before I add mix a new batch, hence my concern about top-off.

I'll be using the "waste" water from my main display reef to feed a smaller softie/gorg tank.

Anyway, thanks for all the thoughts. It makes sense to me now that I think about that I should just consider it like any other tank. I don't blow bubbles into my reef, so why blow bubbles in my mix tank. Strong circulation via power head should suffice (along with heater and ATO).



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i have a mag5 and a 300w heater in a 5 gal bucket
1 add rodi
2 turn on heater+mag
3 add salt
4 let sit for 3h
its really easy


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I keep a 20ga bucket with a MJ Mod seriously disturbing the great and uses low electricity (12W).