How do you know if a glass tank is tempered or not?


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Found a few tanks but they are not reef ready. How do you know if they are tempered or not?

Thanks for the help in advance


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I think the consensus on this one is that you have to ask the manufacturer, or just try and find out the hard way ;)


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That could be an expensive mistake....LOL

Anyone know on a 6 year old All Glass tank???


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I've heard that you can use two polarized lenses on either side of the pane of glass. Rotate one of the lenses 90 degrees and you should see some type of pattern.
If I had a link to where I read this I would post it.
Sorry I can't be more help.


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Mine wasnt drilled either i just bought kit from glassholes and drilled the back. Usually its just the bottom that is tempered but id call the manufacturere to be safe.