how do you know that your rbta is going to split?


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you don't.

And depending on the location, you may not know it when it does. At least for a while. Mine was really big and sticking way out for a couple of weeks, then it retracted a bit. After a few days of this I got a little worried. I looked in the cave where the foot was attached and I could see some tentacles hanging down behind that looked different, like they weren't part of the same critter... they weren't.

After about a week or so of this they suddenly both started to wander around the tank. Neither half ever came back to the original spot, though it hadn't moved since the day I introduced it.

That's my experience anyway.
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usually people that say that is only because they might have had it for a long time and it splits on a regular basis to which they know( every 4 months or so etc)

you can induce splitting if its ready but i dont reccomend by shocking your system somehow, and they will split just to help stay alive.