How do you really get your clowns to be hosted?


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I taped a picture on the side of my tank to try and get my clowns to host, but then I realized they probably couldn't see it. I tested the theory by putting on goggles and sticking my head in the tank. The picture didn't show! So how do I get them to host? :D


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Hosting means they will basically make an anemone their home. In pairing or hosting its simply a matter of chance.


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I understand that, but what I'm asking is what methods can I use? How do people that use the method of picture get their clowns to host? Just luck?


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I used to want the clowns to host my anemones so badly.I tried to force a host by tapeing a pic to the tank and even chaseing the clowns by the anemones.I think that we should not force the clowns because they HAVE TO build the slime coat from the anemones in order for them to not be stung and or eaten.Therefor I would just let them be and GIVE THEM TIME.


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many clowns will never host any nem or way to make them imo. My clowns stick around my


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My female clown likes my star polyp rock and my male has taken to a small clam, which I hope he changes his mind about. I have three bta in the tank that they ignore. I also have a huge hairy mushroom that I thought they might take to and they ignore it too. I can only hope that when the anenomes get bigger (maybe 3" diameter right now) that they may decide to host. However, the only way I can think to "force" a clown to host is to put it and the anenome in a tank with nothing else. As ryandlf mentioned, it is more a matter of chance than any type of human action.


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Your viewing method was flawed.... If you look at glass from an angle you will get the mirror effect. Think in terms of looking front to back through a tank to see what's on the other side versus trying to look at something on the sides of the tank through the front panel. If it's taped on the side of the tank they can see it just like they can see you.

The method I have used to entice clowns to host is to introduce a juvinile clarkii. The clarkii will host anything. When the other clowns see that he's got a better swimming spot than they do and that the anemone is hostable they will kick him out and take it over for themselves. You can then put the clarkii in the sump to eat excess food or give it to a friend. This has worked every time for me.
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My method has always been time, and it has never failed me. The longest has been about a month and a half.

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Some very important info is missing. What types of clowns and anemone do you have?
Very good point!!


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Having natural host matched to clowns is best, but I see many mismatched work fine.
Usually when I see this prob it's w/ occs, which take longer usually if they even do accept host nem.
I have actually had the monkey see, monkey do success like WDLV suggests, but there are risks on that.(my exp was years ago b4 I knew not to have more than one pair and ended badly, will never do that again)


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I have two juvenile orange Ocellaris that recently became a bonded pair. They are in a 14g tank. There are nine anemones in the tank. The anemones are 1-2" each. The guy at the LFS said they are Ramono anemones, but after doing some research I realized there is no such think as a Ramono anemone. The anemone get to about 2" each. They are brown and look fuzzy. The tentacles sort of look like fern branches. They have clusters of electric green little balls on them.


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I also have a mated pair of Ocellaris clowns that are about 1 1/2 years old. I've had them in my tank for 13 months now and up until 2 months ago, I never had a Nem for them to host. They took to a small overhang on a peice of base rock and hardly ever leave it.

I put a small BTA in the overhang thinking they would take right to it...Nope! They hang out all around it but they never accually host it.

I just bought a large LTA yesterday thinking that the size of the Nem may have something to do with it and to give them more of a choice. A small BTA or a large LTA...We'll see if they like either one. So far they ignore them both, they still like their little cave. :)

Good luck!



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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=15462377#post15462377 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by WaffleWalffle22
It's not a Majano. They aren't even similar to them!

Just guessing cause majano kinda could be misinterpreted/misheard ramono?
Pics would help for ID.


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My B&W clowns host almost every coral in my tank but never take their chances going into my GBTA but after time they eventually host. My buddy's clown never hosted its huge GBTA after about a year it started hosting. It is their choice but it is easier to coax them in if you get the right anemone for them.


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The last time I tried to entice a pair into RBTA, I used a picture of some clowns doing the same. I laughed when I first heard of this being done but it worked for me. Don't laugh until you try it.


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I tried the pic trick and it didn't really work. After a 3 day lights out, they were in it.

Mine are maroons though.

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Your spelling might be off as you might have Romano anemones. They are not a hosting anemone from what I have read and are similar to the Borneman types. Please share some pics.