how far from water?


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So I'm looking at a 2x150hqi and 4x65 actinic fixture for my lighting over a 75gal tank. This is 48" wide, 21" seep. How far above the tank should this be? I'd rather be closer (to maximize the light penetration) but don't want to turn my tank into a hot tub. Anyone running a fixture light that?


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Running 2x150 hqi and 4x54w T5 Marineland fixture over a 60 gallon frag 48x24x12. Just measured bottom of fixture is 2 1/2" above the rim of the tank. There's a 40g frag below 36x24x12 with a 70w halide and some diy led strips. The T5 run 10hrs and the 150w halides run 4hrs along with the T5. Think the 70w runs for 6 hours and LED 9-10.

Both tanks are on an open stand with power heads moving the water across the surfaces. System evaporates about 2 1/2 gallons a day.

With the A/C on and ceiling fan in the room the temp rises two degrees. When it's cold (for Florida) I leave the window cracked. I came home tonight and my son said he loves the fish room, it's warm in here.

I would go for it closer, could always add a fan to blow across the top of the tank and another across the sump or vice versa if either works by itself. A temp controller could be helpful as well to turn fans on and off